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About this Project

This digital exhibition was created by the members of ENGL 668K: Introduction to Digital Humanities, taught by Matt Kirschenbaum at the University of Maryland in spring 2013.  It was a collaborative project with the aim of exploring what had happened in the world of the digital humanities during the period when the course was running.  The rubric for the assignment is here:
The spring of 2013 was an exciting time to be studying the digital humanities.  We hope that we’ve captured a least a little of that excitement in the exhibits gathered here.

Course Participants/Site Authors

  • Susie Compton
  • Paul Evans
  • Charity Hancock
  • Clifford Hichar
  • Katie Kaczmarek
  • Daniel Kason
  • Nigel Lepianka
  • Melissa Rogers
  • Jenny Ross
  • Mary Savig
  • Kathryn Skutlin
  • Julia Tomasini
  • Courtney Wells
  • Josh Westgard