The following is a bibliography of books and journals primarily focused or interested in video game criticism or study that were published between January and May 2013. It does not represent a comprehensive list of all game studies, only the most recently active publications concerning it.

Costikyan, Greg. Uncertainty in Games. MIT Press: Cambridge, 2013.

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Shute, Valerie and Matthew Ventura. Stealth Assessment: Measuring and Supporting Learning in Video Games. MIT Press: Cambridge, 2013.


These blogs primarily deal with video game studies, or game-based education is some format. Some blogs are operated by individual authors, and others by a group. They have been listed because they actively produced new content within the January to May 2013 period.

Ian Bogost
Critical Distance
Mary Flanagan
Games for Change
Grand Text Auto
Henry Lowood
Jane McGonigal
Play the Past


The Game Developer’s Conference occurred on March 25-29 this year, with a host of sessions on the state of the field, the business, educational, and artistic sides of game development, and showcased several panels of critical discussion of video games, gaming culture, and the professional world of game development, with one of the highlighted sessions discussing on women in the industry: #1ReasonToBe.

Critical Play:

The following games were produced or released between January and May 2013. They focus on social issues and education, involving the process of play in the critical thought of the issue or topic that provides the theme for the content. Information provided by Games for Change.

Polar Plunder

Polar Plunder was created by the AIMS Game Center at the University of Miami. The game is meant to introduce the issue of environmental damage and the threat to the ice caps (and of course the creatures that live in quickly melting regions). Interestingly, Polar Plunder also represents a commercial venture for a university-based game development group, as the game is available for download from the Apple App Store.


Created by the Ottawa Mission and David Rust-Smith, Mission‘s goal is to bring awareness to homelessness by designing levels inspired the stories of four homeless persons who were helped by the Ottawa Mission.

By Nigel Lepianka


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