Adapted from Melissa Rogers’ blog post on #transformDH at our ENGL 668K site

#transformDH is a nascent movement that challenges the boundaries of digital humanities work and opens a space (indeed, many interstitial and tactical spaces) for transformative critique, as Alexis Lothian and Amanda Phillips termed it in their recent essay “Can Digital Humanities Mean Transformative Critique?”  For me, it is useful to think about the #transformDH crowd as Transformers in the pop cultural sense (and I’ve started referring to them as such on twitter) because they are constantly reworking, recombining, reconfiguring, and recontextualizing the technologies and concerns with which digital humanities are typically preoccupied. #transformers call attention to blind spots in digital humanities, and they spring into action to show that technologies always exceed the uses and audiences to which their creators imagine they can be put. #transformers are not just performing (or deforming) critique, but they’re also engaged in creative praxis that synthesizes and that offers something new.

A growing and evolving Storify roundup of #transformDH conversations, posts, and projects: http://storify.com/MelissaRogers17/transformdh-happenings-668k-1

Some links to key #transformDH projects and readings:



Moya Bailey, “All the Digital Humanities Are White, All the Nerds Are Men, but Some of Us Are Brave” Journal of Digital Humanities, Vol. 1.1 (Winter 2011)

Alexis Lothain, “#transformDH and transformativity” queergeektheory.org

Amanda Phillips, “#transformDH–A Call to Action Following ASA 2011” Hastac.org

A separate but equally important transformative project is #dhpoco:




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